PYROMORPHITE, Anthroposophic medicine for osteoporosis, bone metastases


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PYROMORPHITE D 8 ampoules 8X1 ml, Anthroposophic medicine for osteoporosis, bone metastases

Anthroposophic medicine for osteoporosis and bone metastases

active Anthroposophic medicine for osteoporosis, bone metastases ingredients

  • 1 ml Pyromorphite aquosum D8

Anthroposophic medicine for osteoporosis, bone metastases excipients

  • Lactose-1 water in parenterals from trituration, containing protein
  • sodium chloride
  • water for injections

What Pyromorphite D8 is and what it is used for
Pyromorphite D8 is an anthroposophic medicinal product.

According to anthroposophic knowledge of man and nature, the areas of application include: stimulation of bone formation and formative forces in osteoporosis, accompanying treatment of bone metastases, especially painful forms.

How to use Pyromorphit D8?
Always use Pyromorphit D8 exactly as your doctor has told you.

Unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor, the usual dose for adults and adolescents from 12 years of age is: 1 ml injected subcutaneously twice a week to once a day.

The subcutaneous injection is usually in the thigh or the outside of the upper arm or in the abdominal region. After cleaning the puncture site (e.g. by rubbing with 70% alcohol), fold the skin and insert the injection needle at an angle. Slightly withdraw the syringe plunger. If blood appears, a blood vessel has been hit. In this case, repeat the injection at a different site.

If no blood appears, inject slowly, then withdraw the needle and briefly press the puncture site with a swab. In any case, it is recommended to learn the injection technique from a person experienced in it.

The duration of treatment of chronic diseases requires consultation with the doctor.


Anthroposophic medicine for osteoporosis, bone metastases Composition:

1 ampoule contains: Active substance: pyromorphite dil. D8 aquos. 1ml

Excipient: sodium chloride.