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Q10 100mg Bio-Active Q10 Quinon Gold x 30 100mg capsules

Pharma Nord

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  • q10 100mg. Bio-Active Q10 Quinon Gold is a dietary supplement that provides the body of coenzyme Q10 and vitamin C increases the amount of energy necessary to the proper functioning of organism.

Q10 100mg Bio-Active Q10 Quinon Gold Composition:
1 capsule contains: Coenzyme Q10 100 mg Vitamin C 25 mg, adjuvants palm oil, gelatin, coenzyme Q10-ubiquinone, wilgoć- glycerol humectant, vitamin C - L-ascorbic acid dye, caramel, ammonia and purified water , thickener - silica, pigment - titanium dioxide.

Q10 100mg Bio-Active Q10 Quinon Gold Action:
Bio-Active Q10 Quinon Gold has a complex composition. It contains coenzyme Q10 of significant bioavailability, which is confirmed by numerous studies. Coenzyme Q10 is an essential component to produce the energy required for the proper functioning of cells. In the body, there is a preparation of this component, however, the endogenous production of CoQ10 decreases with age and as a result of certain diseases. Bio-Active Q10 Quinon Gold contains vitamin C, nutrients, which acts immunostimulating and antioxidant properties. It reduces the feeling of fatigue and participates in the synthesis of collagen in the correct order to function properly among zagwaranatowania gums. Bio-Active Q10 Quinon Gold in the form of convenient swallowing capsules.

- Hypersensitivity to product components

It is recommended that the formulation within the supplementation of coenzyme Q10 and vitamin C.


Use orally. It is recommended to take a dose of 1 kaps./24h after eating.