QIQU SOS Skin Repair Chitosan Gel


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QiQu ® + SOS Skin Repair Universal Chitosan Gel

Pack size:2X5 ml Dosage form:gel

QiQu ® + SOS Skin Repair Universal Gel, the precise acute aid for SOS skin, such as minor abrasions, stitches, cracks, pimples, blisters and for scar care.
The innovative protective membrane technology with ChitosanFH02 ® ensures rapid skin regeneration with its 3-fold effect:

• protects against inflammation
• stabilizes the skin microbiome
• stimulates cell renewal Suitable

for babies from 6 months, children and adults.
Also for stressed skin or skin prone to inflammation.
Reduces itching and stabilizes the natural pH value of the skin.

Medical skin care Chitosan gel: precise

acute help for superficial skin irritations Universal Gel QiQu ® + SOS Skin Repair actively stabilizes the skin microbiome
abrasions, stitches, cracks, pimples and blisters - minor wounds are almost inevitable in everyday life. Having the right solution at hand for each of these different everyday skin emergencies is a real challenge. But do we really need a lot of different ointments and creams? With this in mind, the Universal Gel QiQu ® + SOS Skin Repair was developed for selective acute care for many different skin irritations.

Protective membrane with Chitosan-FH02 ® inspired by nature
The basis of QiQu is the natural active ingredient chitosan, a derivative made from chitin. In nature, this raw material has ensured the protective function of the exoskeletal shell of animals such as crabs and ladybirds for millions of years. Chitin ensures a clean and infection-free shell surface. This intelligent natural mechanism was adapted by QiQu for the development of the patent-pending Chitosan-FH02 ® technology.

Skin regeneration needs a balanced skin microbiome
As different as the causes and manifestations of skin irritations are, the skin needs a balanced skin microbiome for rapid regeneration. The innovative protective membrane technology with Chitosan FH02 ®With its 3-fold effect, it ensures rapid skin regeneration. After application, the universal gel forms a very thin and highly effective film. This breathable protective membrane shields the affected skin area from unwanted germs and environmental influences and thus protects against inflammation. The skin microbiome is stabilized underneath the protective film and the skin's own barrier is strengthened. The protective film continuously releases building up active substances that stimulate cell renewal. The very rich and quickly absorbed gel reduces itching on the affected areas of the skin and stabilizes the natural pH value of the skin.

One solution for many different skin irritations
Regardless of whether we are in the office, doing sports, on the move in leisure time and on vacation or just at home, we are rarely equipped for everyday skin emergencies. As a universal gel in a practical 5ml dispenser, QiQu ® + SOS Skin Repair is a reliable companion for at home and on the go and brings order and clarity to the often overcrowded first-aid kit and travel kit.