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HERBA ALCHEMILLAE Hemostatic and astringent / tightening / action. Recommended for heavy menstruation and impaired ovarian function, white flow, hemorrhoids and more. Externally in the form of compresses - for difficult to heal wounds, boils, rheumatism. Snoring decoction of queen - for colds and nosebleeds.

Contains: queen - hat (stalks) ( HERBA ALCHEMILLAE )

QUEEN / HAT / stalk H.ALCHEMILLAE Preparation: 2 tablespoons finely chopped queen is poured with 500 ml. boiling water. Boil for 3 minutes. Leave to soak for 30 minutes. Take 80 ml 6 times a day. - 15 minutes before meals and 30 minutes after meals.

HERBA ALCHEMILLAE Food supplement.
Keep out of reach of small children.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
The product is not a substitute for a varied diet.