QUIXX EXTRA spray 30ml 6 years+ sinus infection symptoms

Berlin-Chemie AG

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  • QUIXX EXTRA is a hypertonic nasal spray acting cleanse and udrażniająco on cable nose. This increases the breathing comfort (as colds and flu) and has moisturizing properties.

salt concentration - 2.6%, contains water from the Atlantic Ocean, eucalyptus oil

Spray is a unique formulation which, thanks to the solution hipertonicznemu sea water purifying and udrażniająco on the nasal passages. It allows you to remove dried secretions accumulated in the nose and protect the mucosa from the effects of environmental factors. Allows free breathing (also during cold and flu) and moisturizes. It brings an intense feeling of freshness.

It is recommended to use the spray in order to clear and clean the nasal passages, especially during cold and flu. It can be used in children above 6 years of age and adults.

Use nasal, before application of tilting his head to one side.