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RADICAL Med Specialist skin cream with psoriasis spray 50ml


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  • RADICAL Med Specialized skin care product with psoriasis spray reduces itching and soothes irritation and burning. It definitely improves the condition of the skin affected by psoriasis or eczema.

Active Anti-itch complex, Hydromanil, Allantoin, Glycerin.

RADICAL Med Specialized skin care product with psoriasis spray is extremely light texture. It includes Active Anti-itch, Hydromanil, Alantoin and glycerol. This helps to significantly reduce annoying itching and irritated skin irritations. It reduces the impression of excessive skin dryness and roughness. It shows mild moisturizing effect, without the effect of oily hair. This product is extremely gentle. Does not affect the natural protective layer. RADICAL Med Specialized psoriasis skin care product is designed for topical use.

- Hypersensitivity to the components of the preparation

It is recommended to use the product in the case of scalp, elbows and knees affected by psoriasis, eczema and irritation (caused by chemical and external factors).

Apply externally. It is recommended to apply spray to the hairy scalp, elbows and knees from a distance of about 20 cm. The activity can be repeated several times a day.

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