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RAPAB x 30 caps. digestive problems


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  • Digestive problems. The product is recommended for people who have shaken the processes of digestion, such as the secretion of bile and gastric juice, for people who after eating a heavy, fatty foods is indigestion and accompanying symptoms: bloating.
  • Plant ingredients contained in the preparation work stimulates digestion: żółtotwórczo (a process occurring in the liver); support the secretion of gastric juice; influence stimulates peristalsis.

  • Vitamins B2, B6, B12, niacin are involved in the metabolism of fats. Vitamin B1 is involved in the body's energy processes.

  • Folic acid is required for the proper functioning of all cells.

(Daily dose: 3 capsules):
root extract of black radish (368 mg), an extract of artichoke (66.9 mg) extract liściboldo (16.8 mg) of vitamin B1 (1.0 mg), B2 (1 2 mg), B6 (1.1 mg), B12 (1.2 mg), niacin (9.8 mg) and folic acid (173.0 mg)

3 times daily 1 capsule after meals, constipation half an hour before eating.