Raphacholin Forte x 10 tablets

Herbapol Wroclaw

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  • Raphacholin Forte is used in inadequate secretion of bile, indigestion and constipation.

1 tablet. powl. It contains 250 mg of dehydrocholic acid and 75 mg of dry extract from the root of black radish, and 10 mg of mint oil.

Preparation of żółciotwórczym and choleretic effect. It increases the volume of the bile, gallbladder emptying stimulates and accelerates the transport of bile to the duodenum. Acts as a laxative stimulating activity of the colon laxative effect after 6 h.

Insufficient secretion of bile, indigestion, constipation.

Pregnancy and lactation:
The safety of pregnant and breast-feeding women has not been established, so it is recommended that administration.

Oral. Indigestion : 1 tablet. 3 times a day after meals. Do not use more than 6 Table. daily. Constipation : Table 2. once.