RASAYANA for hair and nails tablets

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RASAYANA for hair and nails tablets

Pack size:30 Dosage form:Tablets

Rasayana For Hair And

Nails Tablets Brittle, cracked nails?
Hair without resilience and shine or split hair ends?
External care is often not enough for the beauty of hair and fingernails.
Ayurveda recommends additional nutrition from within with appropriate food supplements.
Hair and nails are assigned to the Asthi-Dhatu, one of seven body tissues.
According to Ayurvedic belief, this food supplement provides the Asthi-Dhatu with important nutrients and prevents symptoms of deficiency.

Food supplements RASAYANA for hair and nails tablets. The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded.

RASAYANA for hair and nails tablets Dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Keep away from children!