RED CLOVER PLUS 30 capsules


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One of the most serious poisonings with a group of waste products of petrochemistry, which resemble the structure of human sex hormones are the so-called xenohormones, which attack the psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune system (PNEI) early and provoke discrete or pronounced symptoms related to menstruation and fertility of young women during puberty, as well as those emanating from all physiological systems (swelling and flatulence). bowel, frequent urination, cold palms and soles, allergies, low blood pressure, anxiety, depression or internal tension, sleep problems, migraines, dizziness, cystic ovaries, mastopathy, fibroids, uterine and breast cancer, thyroid disease, etc. .).

Red clover is among the plants rich in phytohormones, which protect the body from xenohormones and eliminate these complaints. It has a high concentration of isoflavones (plant estrogens), in combination with daidzein, eugenol, sitosterol, beta-carotene, caffeic acid, methyl salicylate, coumaric and salicylic acid, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, zinc and vitamins F. It is used successfully to regulate the endocrine glands and to eliminate hot flashes, sweating, depression, sleep disorders and cardiovascular disorders during menopause. In addition, red clover is useful in osteoporosis and infections; suppresses appetite, purifies the blood, has expectorant, antispasmodic and relaxing effect. Soy contains plant hormones (isoflavones),

RED CLOVER PLUS One daily dose of 1 capsule contains: 30 mg of red clover extract, 120 mg of soybean extract (= a total of 60 mg of isoflavones)

Does not contain gelatin, gluten and lactose.


1 capsule daily.

Food supplement.
Keep out of reach of small children.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
The product is not a substitute for a varied diet.