REDBLOCKER micellar fluid 200ml, broken capillaries treatment


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  • REDBLOCKER micellar fluid is a cosmetic that thoroughly cleanses the skin without the need for repeated rubbing. Promotes microcirculation and prevents blood vessel walls. It moisturizes.

micelles, horse chestnut extract (escin), moisturizing ingredients

Cosmetics has a unique composition of favorably influencing the vascular condition of the skin. Composing it micelles exhibit properties similar to a magnet and attract to each other pollution, allowing for thorough cleaning of the skin (without repeatedly wiping it with a cotton swab). Horse chestnut extract is a source of escin, which stimulates microcirculation and protects the blood vessels (especially those fragile). Therefore, the limits their permeability and relieve redness and visible spider. The fluid composition also includes moisturizing ingredients that bind water in the stratum corneum, which provides rapid hydration. The fluid exhibits refreshing.

Indications: The
product is intended for use within the treatment of vascular and skin care.

How to use:
Apply topically. The swab should be moistened with liquid and then wipe it carefully face (including the eyes and mouth). Repeat the process as required.