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The 3-way calorie stopper

Should the Christmas bacon go? Or should you shed a few kilos before the start of summer so that you feel good again in your bikini? Refigura promises strong, fast and reliable customer success. The medical product Refigura contains a highly effective and unique dietary fiber complex, which has a scientifically proven 3-fold effect:
  • Refigura binds 40% of carbohydrates¹, fats¹ and sugars¹, ²
  • Refigura leads to a pleasant satiety
  • and prevents food cravings

¹) Shown in laboratory experiments with in-vitro data. Source: Innovations in Food Technology, August 2016, p. 76f;
²) Refigura is suitable for diabetics - but please speak to your doctor before use

. Refigura binds and neutralizes the dangerous "hidden" sugars. Refigura is therefore the only universal calorie stopper in German pharmacies. With Refigura, losing weight is even easier. The aim is to restore a healthy energy balance and support weight control. With Refigura you can lose weight without going hungry and without a diet.

Refigura is used for the
- treatment of obesity (weight loss)
- weight control

Thanks to its multiple effects, Refigura reduces the calorie intake. By increasing the feeling of satiety and reducing appetite, it reliably prevents excessive eating and the dreaded nibbling pleasure (food cravings).

Refigura clinically proven effectiveness
Refigura has been successfully tested in many clinical studies. In a recent study in Germany, participants were able to lose up to 4 kilograms of their weight within 4 weeks - without dieting. The effectiveness of Refigura has thus been clearly proven by German doctors. Refigura is therefore actively recommended by many German pharmacists and doctors.

REFIGURA sticks ingredients:
Refigura contains several purely herbal, high-quality active ingredients such as the patented active ingredient KiOnutrime-CsG
Refigura is Made in Germany and meets the highest quality standards!
Contains neither coloring nor preservatives.
Does not contain lactose, iodine, gluten or cholesterol.
Refigura is made from natural ingredients and does not contain any raw materials of animal origin.
Refigura is therefore also ideal for a vegan diet *.
* Refigura sticks are vegan