REGAINE women foam, androgenetic alopecia in women

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REGAINE ® women foam 2 x 60 g androgenetic alopecia in women

active ingredient: Minoxidil.


REGAINE women foam, androgenetic alopecia in women Areas of application:

Regaine women foam stabilizes the course of androgenetic alopecia in women. Type (characteristic diffuse hair thinning in the crown of the head due to the nature of the condition). Treatment with Regaine Women Foam promotes hair growth and can counteract the progression of this hair loss. The beginning and extent can vary from person to person and cannot be predicted. Warning
: Cont. Butylated hydroxytoluene (E321), cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol.

REGAINE women foam, androgenetic alopecia in women For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Johnson & Johnson GmbH, 41470 Neuss.

• Effectiveness has been medically proven
• Works in 8 out of 10 women
• Active ingredient minoxidil reactivates hair roots

Regaine ® WOMEN'S FOAM - for hormonally hereditary hair loss

Do you suffer from hair loss?
Then you are not alone ... Up to 42% of women suffer from hormonally hereditary hair loss.

Regaine ® FRAUEN SCHAUM offers a solution . Thanks to its active ingredient Minoxidil in a unique 5% concentration for women, it works directly at the root of the problem. This stops in Regaine ® when it is applied to the scalpWOMEN'S FOAM contains minoxidil to prevent hereditary hair loss and promotes the growth of new, stronger hair. Without interfering with the hormonal balance!

The mode of action of Regaine ® REGAINE women foam, androgenetic alopecia in women

Regaine ® offers the active ingredient minoxidil in Regaine ® WOMEN FOAM for the first time in 5% concentration (50 mg / g) for women. Minoxidil dilates the blood vessels, stimulates the blood and nutrient supply to the hair and stops hormonally hereditary hair loss. As scientific studies have shown, hormonally hereditary hair loss can be stopped and new hair growth promoted after just 12 weeks.

How is Regaine ® REGAINE women foam, androgenetic alopecia in women used?

Apply 1 g each once a day. This corresponds roughly to the volume of half a Regaine ® FRAUEN SCHAUM protective cap . Please note the following points before use:

• Hair and scalp must be dry.
• Have a cold surface or saucer ready to place the foam on. Or wash your hands with cold water beforehand.
• You can also put the foam directly in the palm of your hand. Please note that the foam begins to melt when it comes into contact with warm skin.
• Wash and dry your hands carefully after use.

When using it, you should proceed as follows:
Step 1:To open the foam, align the arrows on the can and the protective cap. Then pull off the cap.
Step 2: Hold the container with the spray head straight down. Now put 1 g (about the volume of half a cap) of Regaine ® WOMEN FOAM in the palm of your hand or, at best, on a flat saucer or bowl.
Step 3: Part the thinned sections of hair in the middle. Start applying the foam from the back of the head towards the front. Massage the foam into the scalp with your fingertips. Then make two more parts next to the middle part and repeat the process.

After using Regaine ®FRAUEN SCHAUM you can style your hair as usual. Please note that you should not moisten the hair for approx. 4 hours after application. After applying, wash your hands and the shallow saucer or bowl thoroughly. Please close the container after each use.

Important: The continuous use of Regaine ® FRAUEN SCHAUM is crucial for success!

The shedding effect: a positive sign
after a treatment time of approx. 2 - 6 weeks with Regaine ®WOMEN'S FOAM it can lead to increased loss of old, no longer active hair. This is known as the shedding effect. Please do not let this unsettle you. This is the first positive sign that Regaine is working. The dormant hair is replaced by new, stronger hair. The shedding effect disappears after a few weeks. So don't stop the application.

Debora's experience with Regaine ®
hair loss - no big deal? Not at all! How great the psychological stress can be from hair loss becomes clear, among other things, in the experience report by Debora (37):

Answers to your questions

Further questions and answers can be found in our FAQs.

REGAINE women foam, androgenetic alopecia in women Main ingredients:

active ingredient: minoxidil other ingredients: ethanol butylhydroxytoluene (Ph.Eur.) (E321) lactic acid citric acid glycerol cetyl alcohol (Ph.Eur.) Stearyl alcohol (Ph.Eur.) Polysorbate 60 purified water propellant gas: propane / butane / 2-methylpropane.

REGAINE women foam, androgenetic alopecia in women Consumption recommendation:

Apply 1 g foam once a day. This corresponds to the volume of half a protective cap. The dose of 1 g foam per day should not be exceeded regardless of the size of the affected scalp area.

REGAINE women foam, androgenetic alopecia in women Light conditions during storage

protected from light

Place of storage
dry or similar.