REGENERUM Regenerative Serum heels 30g best foot cream


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  • Regenerum Regenerative serum to heel, includes the composition of urea in a concentration of 10% and a complex of vitamins A, E and F. The serum intensely nourishes and restores dry, damaged skin and callused heels.

urea (10%), vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin F, lanolin oil, tea treeAction: Regenerum Regenerative serum to heel, has a specially developed formula with a high content of active ingredients that protect against cracking of the skin and restore softness, smoothness and elasticity of the skin heels. The product contains urea in a concentration of 10%, a complex of vitamins and lanolin, a strong moisturizing properties bring relief to cracked skin heels and make it regains the right softness. Supplement composition is tea tree oil, which thanks to the antiseptic, protects the skin against the development of bacteria and eliminates odor. Usage: The product can be used periodically as treatment or throughout the year, depending on individual needs.