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REGENERUM Serum regenerative hands


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REGENERUM Serum regenerative hands 50ml

  • Regenerum Serum regenerative hands, contains the composition of oil rose extract, water lily and lipoaminoacid and vitamin A and E and D-panthenol. Serum for use as a treatment or periodically throughout the year, depending on need.

Oil of Rose, a complex containing an extract of water lily and lipoaminoacid, Vitamin A and E, D-panthenol,

Action: Regenerum Serum regenerative hands, is a comprehensive cosmetic, which intensively regenerates, nourishes and cares for chapped hands skin. Contains oil rose extract, water lily and lipoaminoacid and Vitamins A and E and D-panthenol. With the right composition of active ingredients serum that protects the skin from the damaging effects of external factors, moisturizes and restores its elasticity.Serum is beneficial to maintain skin firmness hand, it helps to protect against photo-aging and reduces fine discoloration. Demonstrates antioxidant effects.

To use: Apply several times a day massaging the skin of the palm.