REGENERUM serum regenerative nail, nail oil


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REGENERUM serum regenerative nail 5ml, nail oil

  • REGENERUM this serum to the nails, which hardens the nail plate, nourishes and regenerates. It supports the process of reconstruction nails and lightens blemishes.

REGENERUM serum regenerative nail, nail oil Ingredients:
Vitamin A, Vitamin E oil, lemon

The preparation belongs to the broad category of skin care cosmetics. It consists of active ingredients (lemon oil, vitamin A, vitamin E) responsible for intensive nourishment and regeneration of the nail plate. In addition, it cured and increases the resistance to fracture, reducing brittleness of the nails and softens the skin. The use of serum is responsible for assisting the reconstruction process of the nail plate and lighten existing spots.

REGENERUM serum regenerative nail, nail oil Indications:
Apply externally to strengthen and nourish nails and cuticles.

Apply externally by applying a small amount of serum to skim nails.