REGULATO No.1 Laxative Herbal constipation Tea


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REGULATO No.1 Laxative Herbal constipation Tea

pack size:25 pcs Dosage form:filter bag

Regulato Tea No. 1 Laxative Tea  N filter bag.

Active Ingredient: Tinnevelly Senna Fruit Areas of

For short-term use for constipation (constipation)

active REGULATO No.1 Laxative Herbal constipation Tea ingredients

  • 1000 mg of senna fruits

How does the ingredient of the medicine work?

The ingredients come from the senna plant and act as a natural mixture. There are two different types of Sennes, Alexandrian and Tinnevelly Sennes. About the plants themselves:
- Appearance: subshrubs with airy pinnate leaves and small yellow flower clusters that develop into elongated, oval legumes
- Occurrence: Tropics and subtropics, often from plantations in India or Malaysia
- Main ingredients: anthranoids
- Plant parts and preparations used: Extracts and powders from the fruits and leaves
Both senna leaves and the fruit are among the most commonly used laxatives. They stimulate the movements of the colon and inhibit the recovery of water and salts from the intestine, so that the increase in volume stretches the intestinal wall more and emptying can occur earlier and more easily.

What is included in medicines?

The quantities given are based on 1 g of tea = 1 bag

active ingredient Senna Fruits 1g
is equivalent to Sennoside B 28 mg

What adverse effects may occur?

Only side effects that have only occurred in exceptional cases so far are described for the drug.

If you notice any discomfort or changes during treatment, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

For the information at this point, side effects are primarily taken into account that occur in at least one in 1,000 patients treated.

How is the drug dosage?

Who? single dose total dose When?
Children from 10 years and adults 1 tea bag 1 tea bag per day in the evening before going to bed

The correct dosage is that which is just sufficient to produce a soft-formed stool.