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Relief of any type of motion sickness, SEA-BAND acupressure band for adults grey

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SEA-BAND acupressure band for adults grey, Relief of any type of motion sickness

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For effective relief of any type of motion sickness.

SEA BAND® Acupressure Band
The Sea Band works by applying pressure to the acupuncture points on both wrists (the Nei Kuan points). It only takes a few minutes for the band to take effect.
The Sea Band provides effective relief for all types of motion sickness without causing drowsiness or other side effects. It has also been
shown to be effective in other conditions that cause nausea, such as pregnancy, anesthesia and chemotherapy. The Sea Band can be worn repeatedly or for as long as necessary and can be washed in soap
or mild detergent. Prolonged use may cause swelling of the hands. In such cases, the bands should be removed.


Sea-Band is suitable for both adults and children .

1. Place the middle three fingers on the inside of your wrist, with the edge of the ring finger next to the first crease. The Nei-Kaun point is located under your index finger,
between the two middle tendons.
2. Align the button downwards with the Nei-Kuan point. Repeat the process for the other wrist. To ensure effectiveness,
one band must be worn on each wrist. Sea-Bands can be put on before the start of the trip or after departure.