REPHA OS mouth spray 12 ml

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REPHA-OS ® Oral Spray - Medical Mouth & Throat Care, mouth spray

✔ Accompanying care for oral hygiene for
Bad breath
• Bacterial mouth and gum
infections • Care and protection against infections, eg in the cold
season ✔ Scientifically proven effect
✔ Vegetable, without synthetic fragrances or colors - and preservatives
✔ Without chlorhexidine - no tooth discolouration
✔ Suitable for long-term use - for daily oral hygiene


FRESH BREATH REPHA-OS ®Oral spray combines the effects of proven plant extracts and essential oils in a small spray bottle, ideal for everyone who has problems in the mouth and throat.

For everyone who values ​​effective oral hygiene to prevent infections or irritation of the mouth and throat. Especially during the cold season, the mucous membrane of the mouth, throat and pharynx are stressed by the frequent alternation of warm and cold air.

Thanks to its scientifically proven antibacterial effect, REPHA-OS ® mouth spray is not only suitable for oral hygiene in the case of bad breath, but also for the care of mouth and gum infections caused by bacteria.

REPHA-OS ®Oral spray is easy to use, can be taken anywhere and can be integrated perfectly into everyday life.


For oral hygiene and care, spray into the oral cavity and / or throat area several times a day as required. In addition, REPHA-OS ® mouth spray can be sprayed into a glass of warm water in the morning and in the evening and then used for gargling or rinsing.


Bad breath is extremely unpleasant - especially to others. A common misconception is that bad breath is caused by the gastrointestinal tract. In around 90 percent of patients, the cause is found in the oral cavity or in the nasopharynx. It is often triggered by compounds containing sulfur, which are caused by bacterial decomposition of food residues in the oral cavity. But the consumption of onions, garlic, alcohol, coffee and a lot of meat as well as smoking inevitably lead to bad breath. Disease-related triggers are also known.


Thanks to the use of stevia extract and the avoidance of conventional sugar and sugar substitutes, REPHA-OS ®Oral spray is also suitable for diabetics and also reduces the potential for tooth decay and plaque formation in the mouth.


The herbal ingredients in REPHA-OS ® mouth spray have a scientifically tested and confirmed antimicrobial effect. In this way, microorganisms that cause problems in the mouth and throat can be reduced and eliminated.


How long can I use REPHA-OS ® mouth spray?
The duration of use of REPHA-OS ® mouth spray is not limited. You can use REPHA-OS ®Use mouth spray several times a day as a spray or dissolved in warm water for rinsing and gargling as required. The use of REPHA-OS ® mouth spray is not suitable for babies and toddlers .

I've heard that mouthwashes or products used to treat gum disease or inflammation of the lining of the mouth often discolour teeth. Is this also the case with REPHA-OS ® mouth spray?
The best way to prevent tooth discoloration is to brush your teeth regularly and thoroughly. If you also permanently use mouth rinsing solutions or preparations for the treatment of inflammation of the gums or oral mucous membranes with the ingredient chlorhexidine, discoloration of the teeth can occur.
REPHA-OS ®Mouth spray is free from chlorhexidine and contains only herbal extracts that do not discolour teeth.