REPHRESH vaginal gel 5g x 3 applicators, womens ph balance

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  • RepHresh specialist vaginal gel in a convenient-to-use applicators.Restores natural pH of the vagina, it helps with infections and eliminates odor, itching and irritation. It does not contain hormones.

The gel contains purified water, glycerol, polycarbophil, carbomer hemopolimer B, sodium ethylparaben, methylparaben sodium, propylparaben sodium, sodium hydroxide. Response: RepHresh a vaginal gel, which brings help women suffering from discomfort in the area of intimate. Recommended especially in moments when shaken is the natural pH of the vagina - the hormonal changes, menstruation, after sexual intercourse and the use of inappropriate means of intimate hygiene. Special active ingredients of the preparation, eliminate pathogenic microbes colonizing the vaginal environment, help eliminate unpleasant odor and intimate annoying dryness, itching and all, often painful irritation. Application:RepHresh vaginal gel restores the natural pH of the vagina, eliminating pathogenic germs and odors. Recommended after menstruation, after sexual intercourse without using a condom, and whenever the need is long-lasting vaginal lubrication. Usage: One application every 3 days. Remove the applicator from the package. DO NOT remove even unscrewed the cap. Catch tight applicator butt. Shake it like a classical clinical thermometer to make sure that the content moved to the thin end. Remove the cap and discard it. Sitting or lying on your back with your legs curled gently enter the thin end of the applicator into the vagina. To enter the gel, tightly squeeze the thicker end of the applicator. Pull out the applicator and throw it in the trash. The applicator is designed in such a way to set the desired amount of gel. After application of the recommendations, a small amount of gel should be within the applicator.