REPLENS lubricant vaginal gel, vaginal dryness in menopause

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REPLENS vaginal gel pre-filled applicators, vaginal dryness in menopause

Field of application of Replens sanol vaginal gel pre-filled applicator. vaginal dryness in menopause 

Replens sanol vaginal gel pre-filled applicator. helps with vaginal dryness. The moisture balance is restored and symptoms such as itching, burning and discomfort during intimate intercourse are alleviated. Due to the pre-filled applicators, Replens sanol vaginal gel is a pre-filled applicator. uncomplicated to use.

Mode of action of vaginal dryness in menopause Replens sanol vaginal gel pre-filled applicator. 

Replens sanol vaginal gel pre-filled applicator. is a moisturizing water-based vaginal gel. Replens sanol vaginal gel dispenses pre-filled applicators for each application.up to 3 days moisture.

Active vaginal dryness in menopause substances / ingredients / ingredients

Ingredients of Replens sanol vaginal gel pre-filled applicator. :

Purified water, polycarbophil, paraffnum liquidum, glycerol, hydrogenated palm oil glyceride, carbomer homopolymer type B, sorbic acid and sodium hydroxide


If you are known to be hypersensitive to any of the ingredients, this product should not be used.


Replens sanol vaginal gel pre-filled applicator. contains pre-filled disposable applicators. The applicator is simply inserted into the vagina and emptied. This process only has to be repeated every 3 days.