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Replens MD vaginal gel 5,9g x 3 applicators, postpartum, menopause

APC Institute

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  • Replens MD, is a specialist, not containing hormones vaginal gel has a moisturizing effect. The product forms a protective layer inside the vagina, which prevents dryness and feeling of discomfort intimate. Especially recommended during menopause.

purified water, polycarbophil, mineral oil, glycerol, hydrogenated palm oil glyceride, carbomer 974P, sorbic acid, and sodium hydroxide. The product does not contain hormones.

Replens MD, is a unique formulation of gel advanced formula that provides long-lasting moisturizing effect of the vaginal environment.Replens MD, forms a protective layer inside the vagina, so ensure adequate hydration and comfort in every situation. Frills Replens gel MD advantage is that it remains in contact with the walls of the vagina for several days (approx. 3 days), making it practical to use and saves daily application. The formulation has a pH compatible with the natural pH of the vagina, non-irritant and is especially recommended for women in menopause, postpartum and in the case of recurrent irritation and dryness of mucous membranes.

Replens MD descent is especially recommended: during menopause, postpartum, in the case of recurrent irritation with hormonal disorders, the use of certain drugs during intense exercise, the stress causes a hormonal imbalance when using tampons, in the case of loss of mucosal and its dryness, when there is itching, irritation, discomfort during intercourse.

How to use:
Apply vaginally, every 3 days, preferably in the morning. After the symptoms resolve 1-2 applicators to 15 days for the maintenance of the natural vaginal lubrication. In special cases, Replens MD can be used more frequently, but up to once a day. The gel is safe when using a condom.