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RESCUE drops 20ml., Rescue Remedy drops


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Rescue Remedy is a universal combination of flower essences according to the original recipe of Dr. Bach.

Rescue Remedy drops - a classic form from the time of Dr. Bach, produced according to his original recipe. First choice in emergencies when maximum speed is required.

Rescue remedies can be used in all cases of need for emergency care in various life situations, such as:

- Stress in the workplace

- Loss of loved ones

- Misunderstandings in the family

- Different types of fear

- Panic attacks

- Strong excitement

- Outbursts of anger or rage, insult and strong resentment.

A few minutes after ingestion (maximum 15), the body's self-healing mechanisms are activated. This leads to emotional stabilization and psycho-physical relaxation.

Rescue Remidi can be combined with all known drug and alternative therapies. There are no side effects and no danger of overdose. It can be taken by children and pregnant women.

Rescue Remedy drops Composition:

Flower essences of rock rose, weak-legged, junk, county, star of Bethlehem.

Rescue Remedy drops Dosage:

4 drops directly under the tongue, every 15 minutes, until maximum effect. There are no restrictions on daily intake.

Duration of the effect - 1-2 hours.

If the single dose is taken in a glass of water, the action occurs more slowly (after about 30 minutes), but is longer - 3-4 hours.

Rescue Remidi can also be applied to pets (1-2 or 3 drops depending on the size of the dog or cat) and houseplants (to revive damaged flowers, when planting and transplanting. drops of hornbeam essence - dosage 1-2 drops per 1l of water)

Rescue Remedy drops Warnings:

Rescue does not replace medical first aid.

It does not replace the actual treatment with Dr. Bach's Flowers. It is often taken as an adjunct to regular therapy with Dr. Bach's Flowers.

Rescue is taken on certain occasions and not as long-term therapy.

May soften severe crisis reactions during treatment with Dr. Bach's Flowers.