RESCUE moisturizing cream 30ml., RESCUE


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RESCUE moisturizing cream. Created according to the classic RESCUE combination of Dr. Bach of five flower essences (rock rose, povet, weak-legged, junka, star of Bethlehem), complemented by a flower essence of wild apple. Intense moisturizer designed to rehydrate dry, rough and sensitive skin. Regular use protects the skin from external influences and other stressors. The skin reflects how the body feels inside and often the first visible effects of impaired function of internal organs and systems are on it. This can lead to dryness, roughness and pigmentation.

How to use RESCUE moisturizing cream:
A small amount of cream is applied to the skin. If necessary, re-apply. The fat-free formula makes it suitable for face, body and hands, safe for use by the whole family.
No parabens, no perfume.