RETTERSPITZ knee support 1 pc

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RETTERSPITZ knee support, Healing simply directed into the knee.

RETTERSPITZ knee support:

The knee is one of our most stressed joints and therefore always a small trouble spot. Whenever the knee hurts or is swollen, the Retterspitz knee brace can be used gently. It was specially developed for the knee joint, offers a secure hold with maximum freedom of movement and provides effective support for the knee joint. The bandage provides relief for various knee complaints and thanks to the special 2-in-1 structure, in which the inner textile is firmly connected to the outer textile, it is very easy to put on yourself.

Fold the Velcro inwards and wind the outer textile (molton) tightly up to the inner wrap, fix it there with the small middle Velcro. Mix 50 ml each of cold water and Retterspitz on the outside to a solution and immerse the inner textile until it is completely soaked. Then squeeze out until it stops dripping and roll up the entire bandage until the end. Wrap the bandage around the painful knee with as little wrinkles as possible, starting with the soaked inner textile, continuing with the outer textile and at the end securing it well with the Velcro fasteners. The best thing to do now is to put your feet up and rest a little while the steamy atmosphere unfolds its healing effect.

RETTERSPITZ knee support application:

- in the case of painful swellings, e.g. after an endoprosthetic treatment

- in the event of injuries such as strains, stretching

- in the event of inflammation, even after vascular removal

- for post-operative care of the knee

- for polyarthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and hematomas

RETTERSPITZ knee support material:

- Outer wrap: 91% molton / cotton, 9% elastane

- Inner wrap: 49% cotton, 34% viscose, 15% linen, 2% elastane

- Made in Germany

RETTERSPITZ knee support:

1 outer textile: 200 x 12 cm

1 inner textile: 200 x 12 cm