RETTERSPITZ muscle cream 100 g mobility joint

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RETTERSPITZ muscle cream Makes muscles and joints mobile, mobility joint
Sudden pain: one wrong step is enough and the ankle is sprained. Mild, blunt injuries just happen.
With the Retterspitz muscle cream (formerly: Quick Muscle) the symptoms can be alleviated in a targeted manner. Herbal ingredients like nutmeg and rosemary oils reduce swelling and inflammation.
Menthol has a pleasant cooling effect. Rubbing in thoroughly supports the healing process.
RETTERSPITZ muscle cream mobility joint Application:
- To treat complaints of muscles, tendons and joints, massage in a five to ten centimeter long strand of cream three to six times a day until the cream is absorbed by the skin and then wash your hands thoroughly.
- Retterspitz muscle cream is free from animal ingredients
- Tip: use a wrap with Retterspitz on the outside beforehand.
RETTERSPITZ muscle cream mobility joint Ingredients:
cetyl stearyl alcohol, isopropyl
palmitate , macrogol cetyl stearyl ether, medium-chain triglycerides, silicone oil, stearyl heptanoate / caprylate, Softisan 649 (bis-diglyceryl caprylate / caprate / isostearate /
hydroxystearate / adipate
, citrate alcohol ethoxylate 45, citrate ethoxy alcohol ( 2- phenyl alcoholic acid ) , phenoxy ether oil, Butter), rosemary
oil , menthol (levomenthol), thymol, silver fir cone oil, arnica tincture, sorbic acid, sodium hydroxide, purified water.
RETTERSPITZ muscle cream mobility joint Note on
opening Keep the opened tube carefully closed at no more than + 25 ° C.
The part should be used up within 12 weeks.
Storage conditions
Do not store above + 25 ° C. No special further requirements for storage.