RETTERSPITZ vitamin jelly 40 ml help with mosquito bites

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Retterspitz Vitamin Jelly, help with mosquito bites

Soothing help with annoying bites

Sometimes it has to be something different from the usual care. If the skin is itchy, tight or dry, creams and lotions can irritate the sensitive areas even more. Retterspitz Vitamin Jelly (formerly: Jelly + E) soothes, cools and nourishes when the skin is in a state of emergency, such as mosquito bites. Vitamin E binds free radicals and regenerates the protective barrier in the skin. At the same time it regulates the moisture balance. Stressed and damaged skin can recover more quickly. The ingredients allantoin and thymol relieve inflammation and are also particularly suitable for stressed skin that itches.

Retterspitz Vitamin Jelly, help with mosquito bites

  • specially developed for irritated, very dry and itchy skin
  • ideal for unpleasant mosquito bites
  • Rapidly soothing and cooling effect on itching
  • Apply a thin layer of Retterspitz Vitamin Jelly to the affected areas several times a day and allow to dry completely until a protective film remains

Retterspitz Vitamin Jelly, help with mosquito bites Our tip:

put the
gel in the refrigerator before use.