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RETTERSPITZ wound healing ointment 40 g Hemorrhoids, itching, burning

Retterspitz GmbH & Co. KG

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Retterspitz Wound and Healing Ointment, Hemorrhoids, itching, burning
A specialist for special cases

Hemorrhoids, itching, burning sensation: When discomfort occurs in the anal area, it is not only particularly unpleasant, it is often taboo. It is all the more important to get quick, effective and discreet help. The wound and healing ointment from Retterspitz (formerly known as "Green Healing Ointment"), with its proven recipe, supports the resolution of anal discomfort and the healing of smaller wounds. Thymol inhibits the growth of germs. Retterspitz wound and healing ointment thus forms a natural barrier against bacteria. Allantoin also promotes wound healing. Ideal for at home and on the go.

RETTERSPITZ wound healing ointment Hemorrhoids, itching, burning Application:
  • for smaller wounds and injuries, against hemorrhoids and anal fissures
  • relieves irritation, itching, burning, pain
  • its smooth consistency makes it easier to pass stool
  • Apply several times a day to the affected skin areas
  • For hemorrhoids, apply a small amount of the ointment to the anus after each bowel movement and distribute it
  • Retterspitz wound and healing ointment, medical product for external use

RETTERSPITZ Hemorrhoids, itching, burning Ingredients:
cetyl stearyl alcohol, macrogol cetyl stearyl ether, medium-chain triglycerides, silicone oil, Softisan 649 (bis-diglyceryl caprylate / caprate / isostearate / hydroxystearate / adipate), citric acid monohydrate, 2-phenolic acid oil, 2-phenoloxyethanol, cicrogol glycerol 45, shadeleaxystearate Mountain pine oil, arnica tincture, sorbic acid, allantoin, glycerine, chlorophyllin, aluminum potassium sulfate, tartaric acid, sodium hydroxide, ger. Water.

RETTERSPITZ Hemorrhoids, itching, burning Take special care when using Retterspitz wound and healing ointment:
Retterspitz wound and healing ointment must not be brought into the eyes, so wash your hands after rubbing it in.
Please note whether you are hypersensitive or allergic to an ingredient in Retterspitz wound and healing ointment.