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RETTERSPITZ wrap for the neck and smaller joints 1 pc

Retterspitz GmbH & Co. KG

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As a joint wrap: ready for use from head to toe
A roll measuring 10 by 60 centimeters has ideal dimensions, so to speak.
Because it can be used for complaints from head to toe.
It can be placed at forehead level for headaches, for example, but it is also suitable for problems with the hand or ankle. In any case, the compresses have an analgesic, decongestant effect that sets in quickly after application and brings relief.
For a warm wrap, e.g. B. in the neck or neck area, rub the affected area with Retterspitz muscle cream.
- The Retterspitz wrap is ideal for:
- Inflammation in the throat and throat area
- Swelling in the throat and neck area
- Cold symptoms
- Difficulty swallowing
- Painful swelling conditions, e.g. B. after operations
- injury consequences, including ligament stretching
- fever
- operations on bone fractures
- chronic polyarthritis, activated arthrosis, fibromyalgia, hematomas, swelling of the joints
1 outer textile made of 100% molton / cotton with Velcro fasteners, 10 × 60 cm
1 inner textile made of 100% linen, unfolded 16 × 60 cm