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RETTERSPITZ zinc ointment 40 g

Retterspitz GmbH & Co. KG

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Retterspitz Zinksalbe Zinc, zinc ointment
heals a medicinally

RETTERSPITZ zinc ointment effective component:
100g of the ointment contains 10g of zinc oxide.

RETTERSPITZ zinc ointment Other ingredients:
cetostearyl alcohol, paraffin oil, white petrolatum, wool wax alcohols.

The effectiveness of the Retterspitz zinc ointment (formerly: Heilsalbe ST) is largely based on the antiseptic effect of the zinc oxide. It has a protective, covering, absorbent effect and does not penetrate the skin, so ideal properties to support the healing process, especially in the case of weeping wounds.
The Retterspitz zinc ointment can be used preventively against diaper rash.

RETTERSPITZ zinc ointment application:
  • To support wound healing, for weeping, itchy wounds and cracks
  • Also for use as a cover ointment

Hypersensitivity to wool wax alcohols.

After applying Retterspitz zinc ointment to severely inflamed areas of the skin, a slight burning sensation may occur. Occasionally there may be intolerance reactions of the skin.