REUMO THERAPY cream with ginger 60g back muscle pain relief, leg pain, painful legs


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  • Reumo Therapy Cream with ginger, contains a set composed of essential oils and extracts of ginger, the characteristics of which relieve muscle pain and give relaxation after excessive physical exertion.

Essential oils: anise, eukliptusowy, clove, thyme, lavender, rosemary, kosodrzewinowy, cinnamon, kubenowy, menthol, linalool acetate izobrenolu acetate, terpineol, ginger extract. Action: Reumo Therapy Cream with ginger, gives a pleasant feeling of relief and relaxation for muscle tension and pain caused by overuse and excessive exercise. The cream thanks to its rich texture and composition provides a long-lasting effect. Application: Rub 3 times a day for the first signs of absorption, simultaneously performing the massage. Apply once on the hand 2 to 3 cm of cream.After the massage protect sensitive areas from the cold, eg. Cover with warm clothing.