REUMOGEL gel 130g


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  • REUMOGEL is used in degenerative joint disease of the spine.
water extract mud (48.0g), methylcellulose (2.0g), ethanol 70% (1.2g), ethyl p-hydroxybenzoate (0.2g), menthol (0.1g), dest water. ad. 100g

Reumogel is a mud gel containing biologically active humic acids (humic acids and fulvic acids), steroids, tannins, micronutrients and numerous Cl-, Ca2 +, Mg2 +, Na +, K + ions.
Gel rubbed into the skin causes congestion (translated by the release of histamine-like substance). It exhibits anti-inflammatory properties, which are related to the inhibition of hyaluronidase activity by humic acids and decrease in the concentration of inflammatory factors. Applying a gel to a larger body surface can stimulate the adrenal cortex and glucocorticoid secretion.
Reumogel used in degenerative joint and spinal diseases has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. The beneficial effect of mud on the joints is related to an increase in the level of cytokines - protective factors acting on articular cartilage.
Gel treatment eliminates the unfavorable thermal factor found in classic mud treatments (42-45 ° C), so it can be used in patients with weakness, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and in patients with coexisting osteoporosis.

2-3 times a day light massage rub the gel in sick joints and muscles.
It is recommended to use in 2-3 week series