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REUTTER Candy Nettle 50g

Reutter GMBH

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  • REUTTER Candy Nettle is a product that works diuretic positively affecting the functioning of the urinary tract. It speeds up the metabolism and frees the body from toxins, eg. Cholesterol.

Sugar, glucose syrup, extract of nettle, tartaric acid, natural flavors.

The product acting on the basis of an extract of nettle favorably affects the functioning of the urinary tract. Its application allows primarily to remove from the body chloride, urea and other harmful products of metabolism (nettle acts diuretic). This prevents fluid retention in the body. The product helps to speed up metabolism and has a positive effect on the condition of skin, hair and nails.

This product is intended to be used to support the functioning of the body, especially the urinary tract.

Preparation for sucking. Use as needed.