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REVERTA for a healthy prostate 30 tablets


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REVERTA for a healthy prostate 30 tablets

REVERTA is a combination of seven ingredients that has a beneficial effect on prostate health and supports the normal functioning of the male genitourinary system.

Each REVERTA tablet contains the following active substances:

50 mg standardized Pygeum africanum extract;
190 mg standardized pollen extract Graminex G63;
160 mg standardized Saw palmetto extract;
180 mg standardized nettle extract (Urtica dioica);
7.5 mg lycopene;
7.5 mg zinc;
50 µg selenium.


The active substances in REVERTA act synergistically to maintain prostate volume within normal physiological limits and have a beneficial effect on the health and normal functioning of the male urogenital system.

The standardized extract of Pygeum africanum maintains the natural elasticity of the prostate and helps maintain the physiological tone of the smooth? musculature. Maintains the normal physiological size of the prostate and has a beneficial effect on male fertility and sexual function.

The standardized pollen extract Graminex G63 maintains the levels of enzymes and arachidonic acid in normal physiological values ​​and has a beneficial effect on the volume and function of the prostate.

The standardized Saw palmetto extract has a beneficial effect on the physiological processes associated with the act of urination, especially at night, and contributes to comfort during sleep.

The standardized extract of Urtica dioica maintains the natural hormonal balance in the prostate tissue, which creates favorable conditions for maintaining the size of the prostate within physiological limits. In addition, it has a positive effect on libido, erectile ability and sexual function.

Lycopene has powerful antioxidant activity and controls growth factors in the prostate, having a beneficial effect on its health.

Zincis an important component of prostate fluid. Normal prostate epithelial cells have been found to accumulate significantly higher levels of zinc than other cells. High levels of zinc contribute to their normal division and maintain their normal life cycle.

Selenium is a key structural element of antioxidant enzymes in the prostate that neutralize free radicals and have a beneficial effect on her health. Selenium also plays an important role in the life cycle of sperm and is rightly considered to be a key factor in maintaining normal male fertility and libido.


Unless your doctor recommends otherwise, take 2 REVERTA tablets once, in the evening after a meal. It is recommended to take the preparation for 180 days.

Do not take REVERTA if you have ever had an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients in the tablet.

REVERTA should not be taken by pregnant, lactating women or children.

So far, no side effects of Revert are known.
Reverta can be taken alone or in combination with other drugs, after consultation with your doctor.