REVITABEN Mussy Multivitamin + Minerals x 20 effervescent tablets, daily multivitamin

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  • REVITABEN Mussy Multivitamin + Minerals provides valuable ingredients that beneficially affect the functioning of the body.Strengthens immunity, prevents anemia and helps the nervous system.

Vitamin: vitamin C 80 mg, 16 mg niacin, vitamin E 12 mg, 6 mg pantothenic acid, riboflavin 1.4 mg, vitamin B6 1.4 mg, 1.1 mg thiamine, folic acid 200 ug, biotin 50 ug , vitamin B12 2.5 mg.minerals: 93.75 mg magnesium, 14 mg iron, 7.5 mg zinc, copper 0.5 mg, manganese 0.5 mg, 75 mg iodine, selenium 10 mg

Dietary supplement is characterized by a complex composition. It contains a large number of vitamins and minerals that have a positive impact on the functioning of the body. Vitamin C is involved in diverse biological processes and amplifies the immune system. It shows antioxidant properties and therefore protects against the harmful effects of free radicals and accelerates the absorption of iron. Vitamin E belongs to the group of antioxidants, neutralizing free radicals. Folic acid is involved in the synthesis of purine compounds, pyrimidine, and part of the amino acids. It also participates in the process of cell division. Magnesium and B vitamins support the functioning of the nervous system. Iron is an oxygen carrier in the body and prevent anemia.

The preparation should be used to supplement the body's level of vitamins and minerals. Especially recommended in case of overwork, intensive growth and reduced immunity.

To use:
Apply orally at a dose of 1 tabl./24h. Take dissolved in a glass of cold water.