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REVOTEN  connective tissue weakness, cellulite treatment  tablets

Pack size:90 pcs Dosage form:Tablets

Revoten ®

Revoten is an approved drug for the treatment of connective tissue weakness, which is the typical cause of cellulite. Revoten contains a unique active formula consisting of two medicinal substances, which is prepared in tablet form. Revoten can defeat cellulite from the inside with double the power by strengthening weak connective tissue - and without any known side effects.

For cellulite treatment information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

For the treatment of weak connective tissue.

Active REVOTEN cellulite treatment ingredients

  • 5 mg acidum silicicum D4
  • 5 mg Calcium carbonicum Hahnemanni D4

Auxiliary REVOTEN cellulite treatment  materials

  • Lactose-1 water
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Cornstarch

Revoten® is an approved, over-the-counter drug for the treatment of connective tissue weakness.

Weak connective tissue can manifest itself, for example, in wrinkled, sagging or sagging areas of skin.

The dimple-shaped skin changes on the buttocks and thighs, known as cellulite or orange peel, are also caused by weak connective tissue.

For Revoten®, a unique active formula was prepared from two specially concentrated medicinal substances in tablet form.

Revoten® can combat weak connective tissue from within with double the effectiveness - and without any known side effects or interactions.

Mode of action
With increasing age, our metabolism becomes more and more stalled. The metabolic processes in our connective tissue are also affected.

The result:
the connective tissue fibers become weaker and the cross-links unstable - weak connective tissue develops and manifests itself in typical phenomena such as wrinkles, sagging skin or cellulite dents.

This is exactly where the approved drug Revoten® comes in.

Because the two natural medicinal substances contained in Revoten® serve, according to the results of the drug tests and pharmacology, as stimulants and remedies for the faulty metabolic processes in the connective tissue.

Both drugs have proven effective for weak connective tissue and its external signs such as wrinkles, sagging skin and cellulite. In special doses, they activate or strengthen the body's own self-healing powers and thus support the body in the fight against weak connective tissue.

In an extremely complex procedure, they were processed into a unique dual active ingredient complex that is only found in Revoten® tablets.

Dosage recommendation
Unless otherwise prescribed: take 1 tablet 1-3 times a day.

According to experience reports, clear results can be achieved after just a few weeks.

Side effects / interactions

There are no known side effects or interactions.

Important information
for adults | Observe the package insert | Contains lactose

information REVOTEN. Active ingredients: Acidum Silicicum Trit. D4; Calcium carbonicum Hahnemanni Trit. D4. Homeopathic medicine for weak connective tissue.

For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.