RHEUMAFORT x 30 capsules, angelica root, broccoli sprouts

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  • RHEUMAFORT is a complex dietary supplement beneficial to the state of joint structures. Combats substances that cause inflammation and are responsible for pain.

2 capsules contain: Extracts of: chamomile flower 260mg, angelica root 200mg, broccoli sprouts 200mg, root traganka 160mg, lemon fruit 80mg, pineapple fruit 100mg.

Dietary supplement works on the basis of extracts, which are a source of active bioflavonoids, e.g., matrix (usually converted to chamazulene), luteolin, apigenin, quercetin and a number of other active substances - alpha-bisabolol oxides A and B, polyacetylenes, polysaccharides, triterpene glycosides . It blocks the formation of prostaglandins that cause inflammation and leukotrienes responsible for pain. It also stops the formation of cytokines, which are the cause of inflammatory reactions and act destructively on the cartilage structures of the joints in the course of rheumatic diseases.

- hypersensitivity to the constituent substances of the preparation

It is recommended to use the preparation to supplement the body's level of substances that support the functioning of cartilage-joint structures.

Directions for use:
Use orally. It is recommended to use a dose of 1-2 capsules x 1-2 / 24h after eating and in the evening before bedtime. The dose should be adjusted to the severity and intensity of the symptoms. With an average body weight (up to 80 kg) and average symptoms, it is recommended to use 1 cap. X 2 / 24h. Periodically, with the intensification of symptoms, the daily dose can be supplemented with an intervention dose of 1-2 capsules. After about 14 days the dose should be reduced by 0.5. With a changed dosage, use for 3-4 months.