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RHIN BAC FRESH stick to the nose 1pc. mucous membrane inflammation, dry mucous membranes


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  • RHIN BAC FRESH is a product of the action of inhalującym and nursing refreshing zakatarzonych designed for people who have difficulty breathing through a stuffy nose.

• Menthol
• peppermint oil
• Eucalyptus
• pine oil
• tea tree oil

Safe to use, due to the 100% natural composition, which is a mixture of essential oils and menthol. Effectively clears channels of respiratory and sinus, has anesthetic properties and to reduce the irritation of mucous membranes. Inhalation gives quickly felt the feeling of coolness and freshness.

How to use:
after removing the cap, the end of the stick put sequentially into the nostrils, several deep-drawn breath. Use as needed