RIGENOMA spray 20ml.

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RIGENOMA spray Indications:

For local application. Effective in the prevention and treatment of pathologies of the mucous membranes and skin, occurring with burning, inflammation, redness, itching and peeling caused by pathogenic factors. Prevents the appearance of keloids and ulcers, supports skin reepithelialization. Affects insect bites. Also indicated for treatment after radiation and chemotherapy. To protect skin prone to ulceration (including vascular and decubitus ulcers).

RIGENOMA spray Contains:

OZOILE® - a patented ingredient of Erbagil.

Stable ozonides with vitamin E acetate.

Gluten free, colorants, allergens. With natural preservatives.

Main ingredients: OZOILE® (Stable ozonides with vitamin E acetate), thioctic acid, tea tree oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia).

  • Ozoneids from local Ozone® - prevent redness, inflammation, itching, swelling and burning. They transfer oxygen to the tissues, stimulating re-cellization and tissue regeneration.
  • Bioperoxides from local Ozone® - counteract degenerative processes, radiation damage and cell aging. It acts as a biooxidant against viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  • Vitamin E acetate - counteracts the peroxidation of membrane lipids. It has a calming effect. Blocks free radicals and counteracts aging caused by oxidative processes.
  • Thioctic acid - an antioxidant that counteracts degenerative processes affecting the mucous membranes and skin. Enhances the production of cellular energy to restore damaged function.
  • Tea tree oil - has antifungal (antifungal) action. Potentiates the anti-inflammatory effect of OZOILE®.

A way of use RIGENOMA spray:

Spray directly on the affected area, including the exposed wound surface, until completely and homogeneously covered. It is recommended to be applied 2 times a day, morning and evening or as recommended by your doctor. The period of treatment depends on the speed of the therapeutic response.


Do not swallow.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not use this medical device after the expiry date.

Do not use if the package appears damaged.

No cases of sensitization or side effects have been reported. If you notice any, please stop using and consult your doctor.

Wash your hands thoroughly before using the product.

Close the tube tightly after use.

Store the spray in a dry place, away from heat sources and exposure to sunlight.

The expiry date stated on the package refers to the unopened perfectly preserved product. After opening, it is recommended to use the spray for up to 6 months.