Ringworm treatment PROPOLISAN POWDER 3% 30g, propolis extract


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  • Ringworm treatment. Propolisan 3% medicinal propolis powder, for use in abrasions and purulent inflammations of the skin, thermal burns and ringworm. It shortens the healing time, accelerates tissue regeneration and has antimicrobial activity.

Propolis extract (100%) - 3.0 g, Talcum - 97.0 g.

Propolisan 3% propolis medicinal powder, shortens the healing time of skin damage. Accelerates tissue regeneration - especially skin and granulation processes. It has antimicrobial activity - mainly on staphylococci and pyogenic strep. Helpful in the treatment of skin abrasions, wounds with lack of epidermis, purulent skin inflammations, thermal burns, as well as skin mycosis and ulcers with decubitus character. Propolisan 3% medicinal propolis powder, can be used as an agent to help maintain foot hygiene with excessive sweating and unpleasant odor, and helpfully in the treatment of skin infections caused by Candida.

Skin abrasions, skin wounds, purulent dermatitis, thermal burns, skin infections, leg ulcers, bed ulcers and other skin problems that are difficult to heal.

Directions for use:
Cover with a thin layer of affected areas 1-3 times a day.