Rinogermina nasal spray restores biological barrier 10ml sinus infection treatment

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  • Frequent infections of the nose and sinuses weaken the natural biological barrier of the mucous membranes. To restore it, reach for a unique product in the form of a spray Rinogermina. It contains strains of bacteria, which will restore endogenous microflora.

lyophilized Streptococcus salivarius and Streptococcus oralis 24SMBc 89a and anti-caking agent.

copolymer PEG / PPG-14 dimethicone PEG, isotonic solution buffered to a pH of 7.00, and a fragrance.

Rinogermina Nasal spray restores the biological barrier is a medical device containing the composition of the bacterial strains.Streptococcus salivarius and Streptococcus oralis help restore endogenous bacterial flora, sterile antibiotics and nasal products.Rinogermina effectively supports the treatment of infections of the upper respiratory tract and also well suited for prophylactic use. Spray can be played microflora, but also lowers the surface tension of mucus in the nasal cavity.

Rinogermina Nasal spray restores biological barrier recommended alternative, infections of the upper respiratory tract, in the prevention of inflammation of the nose, throat and the Eustachian tube, and to restore the natural bacterial flora.

Additional information:
Store at room temperature, out of reach of children.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the preparation.

How to use:
Prepare a solution: the contents of the sachet place into the bottle. Cap the bottle, shake until complete dissolution of the contents of the sachet. Put a bottle of spray pump. Apply 2 dose in each nostril 2 times a day for 7 consecutive days. Shake before each use. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.