RINOPANTEINA nasal ointment 10g

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RINOPANTEINA nasal ointment 10g


  • Rinopanteina nasal ointment, useful in case of excessive dryness of the nasal mucosa and in the case of irritation, eg. After surgery.Ointment regenerates the nasal mucosa, moisturizes and protects. It contains vitamin A and D-panthenol.

  • Ingredients RINOPANTEINA nasal ointment :

    Vitamin A palmitate (0.05%), D-panthenol (5.0%) protein hydrolyzate oats (0.1%), beta-hydroxy acid (BHA), mineral oil, white petrolatum.


    RINOPANTEINA nasal ointment Operation and use :

    Rinopanteina nasal ointment contains the composition of vitamin a palmitate in a form that causes the least irritation. Ointment moisturizes nasal mucosa, regenerates and soothes irritations. It is indicated for use especially after surgery, in the case of dry and / or atrophy of the nasal mucosa, induced by environmental stress, such as dry air, being in overly air-conditioned or heated room. Rinopanteina may also be applied to or induced in allergic rhinitis drug use, and in order to stem the bleeding from the nose.


    Dosage RINOPANTEINA nasal ointment :

    Apply a small amount of ointment 1-3 times daily and gently massage into the nasal alar completely absorbed.