RIO 60 Second Neck fuchsia toner

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  • Your face, despite a few wrinkles, still looks fantastic, what worries you is the condition of the skin on the neck. The lack of tension and firmness is visible. There is advice on this! The use of devices to improve the appearance of the neck of Rio Beauty 60 Second Neck Toner.

Rio Beauty 60 Second Neck Toner device in fuchsia color, conductive gel (85ml), device stand, PP3 9V battery, user manual in Polish.

Neck skin care has never been easier! No cosmetics will improve skin condition better than the right workout! The Rio Beauty 60 Second Neck Toner uses EMS technology, or electrical muscle stimulation. Electrical impulses cause controlled contraction and relaxation of the muscles, which translates into an increase in tension and firmness of the skin. Thanks to the pronounced strengthening of the muscles it is possible to reduce the so-called second chin. The whole training lasts only three minutes and consists in applying the device at three specific points in the neck region. There are three programs available: strengthening, intensive strengthening and firming, it is recommended to choose a different one each day. In addition, you can adjust the intensity level (16 degrees) to your preferences. Using the device is very pleasant and safe, and the results of his work go beyond all expectations! The device in a beautiful, intense shade of fuchsia.

Rio Beauty 60 Second Neck fuchsia toner recommended for daily training of the neck and chin muscles, which restores skin firmness and tension.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature.

Technical data:
Power supply: battery (PP3 9V battery). Warranty: two years.

Directions for use:
The device should be used for its intended purpose. Apply in three specific places after 60 seconds, i.e. on the chin, on the neck line on the left side and on the neck line on the right side. Remember to use conductive gel.