RIO 60 Second Neck Toner pink

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  • Beautiful, slender neck in just a few minutes! The Rio Beauty 60 Second Neck Toner device stimulates the muscles of the neck and chin, allowing them to be strengthened and modeled. The device in energetic pink color will appeal to every woman!

Rio Beauty 60 Second Neck Toner in pink, conductive gel (85ml), device stand, PP3 9V battery, instruction manual in Polish.

Flabby neck skin and a second chin give your face a sad look? Do not whine! Get to work! Use the Rio Beauty 60 Second Neck Toner for 3 minutes a day! This device uses a modern method of electrical muscle stimulation EMS, which by initiating rhythmic shrinkage and relaxation of the muscles of the neck and chin, allows to reduce the "double chin", firm the flabby skin and get rid of wrinkles. Such almost effortless training improves the condition of the entire neck area and shapes the profile. The power of the device can be adjusted to individual preferences, intensity levels are up to 16! In addition, you can also choose one of three programs - strengthening, intensive strengthening and firming. The best results can be achieved when they are used alternately. The service of the massager is simple and safe.

Rio Beauty 60 Second Neck A pink toner for use in the care of the skin in the area of ​​the neck and chin.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature.

Technical data:
Power supply: battery (PP3 9V battery). Warranty: two years.

Directions for use:
The device heads should be applied to the skin at one of the selected points - neck line on the left side, neck line on the right side and chin. You have to spend 60 seconds for each of these three places. Before using the massager, a conductive gel should be used.