RIO 60 Second Neck Turquoise Toner

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  • Treat yourself to a facelift without a scalpel. Electrostimulation of the neck muscles will rejuvenate her appearance, and you will feel attractive again! Rio Beauty 60 Second Neck Toner in turquoise is the perfect way to firm skin!

Rio Beauty 60 Second Neck Toner device in turquoise, conductive gel (85ml), device stand, PP3 9V battery, instruction manual in Polish.

The Rio Beauty 60 Second Neck Toner will rejuvenate your neck and shape your profile, eliminating the "double chin"! Electrostimulation of EMS muscles causes contractions and muscle relaxation, which improves the firmness of the flabby skin. Thanks to passive muscle training, the muscles of the neck and chin strengthen, and what drooping, creating an ugly extra chin is beautifully modeled. The profile is improved and the skin of the neck looks a few years younger! Even the first use allows you to notice the effects, while regular training will make you do not get to know yourself in the mirror! To increase effectiveness, it is recommended to perform a 3-minute treatment every day (after 60 seconds in three zones), using alternating programs that are optional (strengthening, intense strengthening, firming). Additionally, you can freely adjust the intensity level of pulses (up to 16 levels). The device is simple and safe to use.

Rio Beauty 60 Second Neck Turquoise toner designed to improve the condition of the skin around the neck.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature.

Technical data:
Power supply: battery (PP3 9V battery). Warranty: two years.

Directions for use:
Use as intended. Use daily for 60 seconds at three points: neck line on the left side, neck line on the right side and chin. The massager should be used on the skin which has been pre-coated with a conductive gel.