RIO AB CORE arm training AND LEGS The hand and leg muscles trainer

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  • The Rio Ab Core arm training and Legs hand and leg muscles trainer will help you perform exercises that improve the condition of your arms and legs without much effort. The device is designed for muscle electrostimulation.

Portable controllers: 2 pcs .; conducting electrodes: 2 pcs.

Electrical stimulation of muscles, which will significantly improve their condition. The arms and legs simulator of the Rio Ab Core Trainer Arms and Legs is in the form of two soft, gel electrodes that perfectly adapt to the body shapes, evenly distributing electrical impulses. The device is equipped with a 23-minute program, 15 degrees of intensity to choose from.

Rio Ab Core arm training Arms and Legs The hand and leg muscles trainer designed for electrostimulation of the muscles of the body. The device is suitable for men and women.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature.

Technical data:
Power supply: battery (3 x CR2032); output voltage: 80V with a load of 500 ohms; pulse frequency: 2-20 Hz.

The device should be used as intended. Read the instruction manual before use.