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Rio Blue Light Teeth Whitening DCWH6, teeth whitening kit


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  • Teeth whitening kit. Your dream is white teeth - nothing simpler! Exactly this effect you get at home with the device Rio Blue Light Teeth Whitening DCWH6 by Beurer, which does not damage the enamel and is completely safe for the gums.

Whitening device Rio Blue Light Teeth Whitening, mouthpiece - 2 pcs, syringes with whitening gel for applying on the mouthpiece - 3 pcs, lithium batteries CR2025 (3V) - 2 pcs, instruction manual in Polish. Manufacturer's warranty: 2 years.

Beurer Rio Blue Light Teeth Whitening DCWH6 is a compact tooth whitening kit. The mechanism of the device's operation is to emit a corresponding beam of blue light that activates the gel. Active gel whitens teeth even by a few tones, however, depending on the type of dirt and the quality of glaze, sometimes the effect is visible after the first application, in other cases several treatments are necessary. Importantly, one whitening series can include up to 3 treatments, in addition, sessions can be performed daily until the optimal effect. Then, on average once a month, it is worth to perform reminding treatments that help you keep your teeth whitened. The biggest advantages of the whitening device besides a clear brightening is the short time of therapy. The equipment is easy to use, the automatic switch-off function and battery supply are a great facilitation. The manufacturer provides a two-year warranty.

Beurer Rio Blue Light Teeth Whitening DCWH6 recommended for teeth whitening in home conditions.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature.

Directions for use:
Use according to the instructions for use.