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RITEX 47 condoms 8 pc Slim fit


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Ritex 47 Slim fit condoms
Slim fit · Safe feeling

The Ritex Fit 47 offers a particularly safe feeling, especially for smaller penis sizes.
The comfortably firm fit enables an intense emotional experience.

Ritex 47 Slim fit condoms:
Condoms made of natural rubber latex are approx. 0.07 mm thin, thus highly elastic and "actually always" fit - unless they are too big. Then there is a risk of slipping and tearing.
With their circumference of 94 instead of 106 mm, the Ritex "47" condoms offer a pleasantly firm fit and a particularly secure feeling, especially for smaller penis sizes. The product name "47" is derived from the width of the flat condom (= half the circumference).

Ritex 47 Slim fit condoms:
The following points are important when choosing a condom size:
It should be snug so that it doesn't slip off during intercourse. However, rolling over the stiff penis should not cause pain. If wrinkles appear and the condom can be pushed back and forth on the stiff penis, this is a clear indication that the condom is too big.

Ritex 47 Slim fit condoms:

  • Special washing process - pleasant smell
  • Dermatologically tested - very good skin tolerance
  • Premium quality - Made in Germany