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RITEX Lust condoms, ribbed condom 8 pc


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RITEX Lust condoms, ribbed condom

More variety and extra stimulation - no problem with our Ritex Lust condom. The Ritex Lust is a ribbed and studded condom that stimulates both partners. The gentle but pronounced structure of knobs and ribs allows you to experience the love game particularly intensely.

RITEX Lust condoms, ribbed condom

But he also benefits from the Lust Condom: Thanks to the Ritex Perfect Shape, which adapts perfectly to every centimeter, the knobbed condom has an ideal fit and is therefore even more sensitive. The damp sliding coating ensures smooth lovemaking. With the wafer-thin texture and the pleasant smell, the Ritex Lust condoms make every pleasure experience even more sensual.