RIVIERA Original Sweden bitter 50 ml

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RIVIERA Original Sweden bitter, RIVIERA Original Schwedenbitter

Original Schwedenbitter Riviera is a quality product made from selected herbs according to an ancient recipe to increase general well-being. The bitter substances of wormwood and gentian root not only provide the typical taste, but are also appetizing, as well as refreshing and beneficial when you feel full and after meals that are too fat. Other ingredients such as angelica root, calamus root, myrrh, bloodroot, dandelion root, citric root, valerian root, walnut leaves, cardamom fruit, cinnamon bark, horehound and aroma round off the unique taste.

RIVIERA Original Sweden bitter

Shake well before use. The plant extract content can occasionally result in slight cloudiness or flocculation, but these have no effect on the quality. Original Schwedenbitter Riviera contains no laxatives, no added sugar, 38% alcohol by volume and E 150a as a coloring agent.
Store at room temperature.
Take Original Schwedenbitter Riviera 2–3 times a day a teaspoon (1 teaspoon corresponds to 5ml) either diluted in tea, water etc. or undiluted depending on your tolerance.

RIVIERA Original Sweden bitter

  • Original recipe - without "camphor"
  • Sugar free
  • 100% quality-tested herbal ingredients (wormwood and gentian root)
  • Appetizing, refreshing, beneficial, for bloating, flatulence and cramp-like complaints in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Glass bottle available in 50ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1,000ml